Grafitti problem in Geelong

This sort of crap is all too prevalent here in #Geelong. And all we seem able to do is clean it up. Has anyone at @victoriapolice and @cityofgreatergeelong thought about preventative measures? It happens so often, surely the odds are in favour of CoGG and Police to catch these kids.

How do they get hold of aerosol spray paint? I thought kids were not allowed to purchase it???

We can’t have nice things in Geelong. I know that. But perhaps we can’t have anything without Geelong’s burgeoning criminal community destroying it.

Instead of treating walls, signs, Windows, fences, etc with the sprayable paint, why don’t they ‘treat’ themselves. I suspect you know which way I mean.


Meet Greg The Stormtrooper


This Saturday you can meet Greg The Stormtrooper, along with Tracey, Cory, Helen and Ben at Cafe Palat from around 12:30pm.

Come say g’day.

Cafe Palat
Apparel Close
Breakwater, Victoria, 3219

By the book. It’s so last year.

There have been so many stories around lately of sexual assaults and improper behaviour in the entertainment industry.

Truly disturbing and distressing reports. Which ever sex the victim is in these cases seems spread across both sexes, but women are in the majority here. What concerns me the most is the number of people, particularly those who have the blue ticks on Twitter, who are jumping to the defence of the alleged victim.

We are deep, deep in trial by media territory. I don’t deny there would seem to be a large number of sexual predators in Hollywood. But have we completely give up on the courts?

What if even a small percentage of these allegations are false? Some out there might say that it’s a small price to pay in weeding out these sickening people who crave control. But what if it was you accused of something you didn’t do? Would you still think it’s ok to part of a small number of innocent, accused of horrible crimes?

People’s anger is not helping the true victims. If it’s a crime, it’s a court that is most equipped to get to the truth (supposedly). Social media is the place for bitching, back biting, rumours and swaying public opinion – not often the truth.

But truth doesn’t seem as important in the 21st century as it once did.